About Grocery App

The grocery selling app consists of a user app, an admin panel, and a delivery boy app. Users log in via mobile, receive and verify OTP for secure access. They can seamlessly order groceries online, opt for online payment or Cash on Delivery (COD), search for products, update delivery addresses, and track their orders. Admins receive real-time order notifications, manage product listings, set delivery time slots, assign orders to delivery personnel, and control the home screen content of the user app. Delivery personnel receive order notifications, track order history, and manage their availability status. This integrated system ensures efficient grocery ordering, management, and delivery.

App Features

As per client's need APK Software Solution has developed Grocery App.

User App Features

  • Authentication: Log in using a mobile number and receive OTP for secure access. Verify OTP to complete the login process.
  • Order Placement: Browse and search for grocery products. Add items to the cart and place orders seamlessly. Choose between online payment and Cash on Delivery (COD) options.
  • Address Management: Update delivery addresses for convenience. Save multiple addresses for flexibility.
  • Order Tracking: Track the status of placed orders in real-time. Receive notifications on order confirmation, dispatch, and delivery.

Admin Features

  • Order Management: Receive real-time notifications for new orders. View and manage order details, including user information and ordered items. Assign orders to delivery personnel and set delivery time slots.
  • Product Management: Add or update grocery products with details like name, price, and availability. Manage product categories for efficient organization. Control product listings visible on the user app.
  • User Management: Access user information and order history. Manage user accounts and address details. Resolve customer queries and issues.
  • Home Screen Customization: Modify the home screen content of the user app for promotions and announcements. Highlight featured products or special offers.

Delivery Boy App Features

  • Order Notification: Receive instant notifications for new order assignments. Accept or reject orders based on availability.
  • Order Details and Navigation: Access detailed order information, including delivery address and items. Utilize navigation features to reach the delivery location efficiently.
  • Order History: View a history of completed deliveries. Provide updates on order status (picked up, en route, delivered).
  • Availability Status: Manage availability status (available, unavailable). Update working hours and availability for order assignments.

Website Features

  • Informational Pages: Provide information about the construction services offered. Showcase portfolio, testimonials, and team profiles.
  • Contact and Support: Contact forms for inquiries and support. FAQs and resources for users.