Mr. Pratik Pashine

Founder, Software Developer

As the driving force behind APK Software Solution, Mr. Pratik Pashine leads our vision of technological innovation and excellence. Mr. Pratik began their journey in the tech world at an early age, driven by an insatiable curiosity about how technology could transform lives and businesses. This innate passion evolved into a remarkable career dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses across diverse industries.

Their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and their ability to harness emerging technologies has not only shaped our company's success but also paved the way for countless businesses to thrive in the digital era.

A group of creative minds dedicated to creating the best apps and websites in the world.


Our Vision

It is to be at the forefront of technological innovation, driving positive change in diverse industries. We strive to create transformative software solutions that redefine possibilities. With a focus on excellence and a global perspective, we aim to shape a future where technology enhances lives and businesses worldwide.


Our Mission

our mission is clear: to pioneer innovative software solutions that empower success. Through excellence, collaboration, and a commitment to ethical practices, we're shaping a digital landscape where opportunities are boundless. Join us as we lead the charge into a brighter, tech-driven future.

We Are Awesome

Why Choose APK Software Solution


Reasearch and Analysis

Research and analysis in a software company involve data collection, market insights, and problem-solving to inform effective software development strategies.


Negotiation and power

In a software company, negotiation involves communication, compromise, and leverage to secure favorable partnerships, contracts, and project outcomes.


Creative and innovative solutions

Creative and innovative solutions in a software company involve imaginative problem-solving, cutting-edge technology, and forward-thinking strategies to drive excellence.


Trasparency and ease of work

Transparency and ease of work in a software company mean open communication, clear processes, and user-friendly interfaces for efficient operations.