About Civil Construction App

The comprehensive civil construction app seamlessly connects users with nearby civil engineers. Users can request online supervision, obtain multiple quotations, and schedule appointments based on their preferences. The app features a direct chat system for immediate communication with administrators. The admin panel efficiently manages orders, associates, and facilitates real-time communication. Associates receive notifications for new tasks, access order details, and update task statuses through their dedicated app. Additionally, the user-friendly website offers informative content, account management, and support services. This integrated platform ensures efficient collaboration, transparent communication, and streamlined project management for a seamless construction experience.

App Features

As per client's need APK Software Solution has developed Civil Construction App.

User App Features

  • Login and Registration: Users can register and log in using their email ID. User profile management.
  • Location-Based Services: Users set their location, and the app provides services based on their geographic proximity. Integration with mapping services to find civil engineers nearby.
  • Supervision Service: Allows users to connect with civil engineers for online supervision. Video conferencing or live streaming for real-time collaboration.
  • Quotation Service: Users can request and receive quotations for construction services. Integration with a quotation system that allows users to compare and choose the best option.
  • Appointment Booking: Online appointment scheduling based on user preferences. Calendar integration for selecting the desired date and time.
  • Chat System: Direct communication with the admin for inquiries, support, or general assistance.

Admin Features

  • Order Management: Receive and manage orders for various services. Assign orders to the nearest associates or civil engineers.
  • Associate Management: Manage a database of associates, including their expertise, location, and availability. Match associates with incoming orders based on location and workload.
  • Communication: Chat system for direct communication with users. Notifications for new orders, messages, and appointment requests.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Track user activity, service requests, and associate performance. Generate reports to analyze trends and improve services.

Associate App Features

  • Order Notification: Associates receive notifications for new orders from the admin. Accept or reject orders based on availability.
  • Order Details and Communication: Access detailed information about the service request. Communicate with users and the admin through the app.
  • Task Management: Track assigned tasks, appointments, and ongoing projects. Update task status and submit progress reports.

Website Features

  • Informational Pages: Provide information about the construction services offered. Showcase portfolio, testimonials, and team profiles.
  • User Account Integration: Allow users to access their accounts and manage preferences. View order history, appointments, and quotations.
  • Contact and Support: Contact forms for inquiries and support. FAQs and resources for users.